The prospect is simple

If you are happy with your kitchen layout but require a new look kitchen, then there is a solution that will
SAVE YOU THOUSANDS OF POUNDS and the inconvenience of the loss of your kitchen for several weeks.


The solution is simple

You can process an order online, come and see the range available, or ask us to come to you FREE OF CHARGE. It doesn't matter how old your kitchen is, we supply doors made to measure.

THE CHOICE IS YOURS: 1,500 colour combinations, New (Gloss), Glass, Traditional, Shaker, Pastel shades.


Free no-obligation survey
call 0845 567 2 567

Option 1

Measure, choose and
order direct for DIY installation.
All the information for the competent DIYer to
improve their kitchen.


Option 2
DIY assist

We help you measure and choose your replacement units and process your order.
Order arrives for DIY installation.


Option 3
Managed install

We help you measure and choose your replacement units, process your order and install the replacement units. Typically completed in 1-2 days.


We can also supply: Worktops (Solid surface, Granite, Wood, Laminate), Handles, Appliances if required, Tiles,
Electrical points, Flooring
and all the supporting trades: Tilers, Electricians, Gas installers, Plasterers, Plumbers
THE CHOICE IS YOURS – HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE (either by choice or by budget)